SG Krav Maga Force

Ultimate Tactical•Defence System •Singapore Krav Maga Force™


Subject of Training:

  • Combative: Counter Attack and defenses
  • Attacking with the Hands and Legs
  • Defenses against Punches and Kicks
  • Releases from Grabs, Chokes & Holds with implementation to Weapon Retention
  • Defending attacks involving a Stick / Club
  • Defending attacks or threats involving Edged Weapons (Knives)
  • Defending threats involving different Firearms (Guns)
  • Defending Multiple Attackers and related subjects
  • Mental training, the elevation of Determination, Aggressiveness and Persistence
  • Simulations and Scenarios, training and analyzing. Functioning under Stressful Conditions

And lots more..

It was developed especially for the military and had to be taught to anyone and in a short period of time.

In 1948 the Israeli Defense Force was created to oppose the British Mandate. Imi Lichtenfeld then developed the most efficient system of unarmed combat to be used by the military. Krav Maga was to provide solutions for obstacles and difficulties that a soldier might face in the battle field, such as rope climbing with weight, landing safely from high jump, taking down an enemy guard and using the rifle as a cold weapon (when you can’t or would rather refrain from firing).

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