1. Specific

Prior to commencement a free general assessment is offered to discover your goals and identify your specific needs in order to achieve them.

2. Measurable

Base on our assessment we can measure improvements from performance base on our customized programme outline.

3. Achievable

Positive outcomes presents itself over the course of your training and can be measured specifically in order to achieve realistic targets mutually agreed upon.

4. Realistic

Assessing and applying realistic and achievable goals that can be measured over the course of your training are our priority and highest objective.

5. Time-Line

Flexible schedules are available. We offer quality training programmes up to three times a week *at your suggested location.

Our highly valuable Health Promotion Seminars and Professional Talks are just what you need to stay on top of your health. 

We cover a board spectrum of educational health topics. Our highly proclaimed speakers whom attained academic qualifications from 

local and overseas institutes of Higher Learning will be your preferred presenters.

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Customizing our programmes to your needs, Maximum Wellness is to deliver your value for dollar. Get S.M.A.R.T Personal Training Programmes are tailored according to your ideals as:

Weight Management/ Weight Loss

Muscle Built

Self Defense

Martial Art

Yoga Movements

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